Korean Netizens Call BTS V Was Born To Be A Celebrity


South Korean netizens recently discussed about one of the BTS personnel, V.


It’s no secret that V is a member of BTS who is known for his handsome and handsome visuals.

Korean netizens then discussed V’s photos and said that he could also be successful if he became a celebgram.

After seeing V’s photos that look like celebrities, South Korean netizens gave their comments on the Pann site:

“Even if he is a celebgram, he will also definitely become a celebrity,”

“Seriously, even if he was a farmer, he would definitely be cast and become a celebrity,”

“No matter what job he does, he will definitely become a celebrity,”

“I’m not a BTS fan but V’s face is like heaven. Even if he had no talent, he would be a commercial star. He can even get 1 million subscribers if he becomes a mukbang artist on YouTube, ”

“Why didn’t Big Hit let V become an actor? They also don’t let their members do individual promotions. Please stop wasting their talent,” and various other comments.


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