Korean Netizens Believe that SM Entertainment Is Late With Music Trends


SM Entertainment’s female supergroup GOT The Beat has just returned with a powerful song.

While many were impatient, some expressed disappointment as they felt SM Entertainment’s music was lagging behind trends when the company was thinking about the future.

In a popular online community, fans were discussing the latest SM Entertainment songs for their artists. Fans claimed that most of the songs released by SM left no trace.

The post that attracted attention said, “I really liked songs like “Move” by Tamin, but there are no real hits among the songs released by SM in recent years. What has changed? »

Other netizens joined the community to share their thoughts on this and commented:

  • “They don’t read trends and behave stupidly”
  • “I think the lyrics of aespa and GOT the Beat are the strangest… for example, “Malicious extortion, Mona Lisa smile…” what is it? “
  • “They were innovative, but no more”
  • “I think it’s because they haven’t changed, the trends that make songs popular have changed, but they’re still releasing songs for mass production.”
  • “Min Hee Jin went to Haibe”
  • “I think the song GOT the Beat is good, but the lyrics suck”
  • “I wish they wouldn’t use this weird rap-style storytelling.
  • “Since Min Hee Jin left, SM just took us to Gwangya and then made us stay there. I’m so tired of the Kwangi. “

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