Korean dramas with love that will break your heart


In dramas, not everything can be rosy, watch some of the most painful love rejections within these Korean series.

Dramas are full of romantic scenes, which make you experience incredible moments through the screen, no matter if it is the genre, if it is action, mystery or fiction, there is always something exciting in K-dramas.

But unfortunately not everything is joy and romance in these series, because there are always broken hearts, someone always gets hurt or the person they love cannot reciprocate their deepest feelings.

Love triangles are widely used in dramas and one of the three must accept the decisions of their loved one, changing the course of their life and many times the fans are on one side or the other because they think they make a better couple, unleashing a debate.

Do you have a character in mind whose feelings were rejected? Well, this time we will present you with some scenes that, in addition to making you a little sentimental, will break your heart. Ouch!

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Cinderella and Four Knights

How many did not suffer when Park Hye Ji declared her love to Kang Hyun Min and he was quite rude to her? In the end they were both able to talk about the past and fix the misunderstandings between the two.

Cheese In The Trap

Baek In Ho is a boy who always gets into trouble, but when he meets Hong Seol his heart softens and he begins to develop very deep feelings for her, but Hong Seol can only think of Yoo Jung.


Boys Over Flowers

Jan Di experienced love at first sight when she met Ji Hoo, an adorable boy who was sensitive and very chivalrous, but his heart belonged to his childhood friend, which did not allow Ji Hoo to reciprocate. But later the roles were reversed and Ji Hoo began to love Jan Di.

Itaewon Class

Soo Ah and Sae Ro Yi began to live together from a very young age, but life divided their paths for many years, despite being in love they cannot be together. Some time later, Soo Ah and Sae Ro Yi were no longer the same, putting their feelings aside to move on.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Juri has always been in love with Moon Kang Tae, after a difficult time for him and his brother, she invites them to live in her house thinking that Moon Kang Tae might develop affection for her, but in the end he rejects her because in reality love Go Moon Young.

Playfull Kiss

Bong Joon Gi was too in love with Ha Ni, he always did what was necessary to get her attention, but he never managed to win her over because in her heart was Baek Seung Jo. Ha Ni rejected Bong Joon Gi’s feelings on several occasions.

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