Korean dramas that deserved a second season


Dramas that deserved a second season after its end. Dramas have become very popular in recent years, South Korea has become the focus of attention for several followers of its culture, series and K-pop music. The plots are usually original and very funny, different from western novels or shows, but sometimes the success of a drama ends with the expectations of the fans after its ending is revealed.

Some K-Dramas reached high levels of ratings and their story left some things unfinished or was so good that they could explore other aspects of their characters in a second part, such as “Love Alarm”, which ended with broken hearts and separation from the main couple.

There are dramas that deserve a second part and their fans waited for it, many have imagined what could happen if it had new episodes, we leave you a list with 5 Dramas that deserve a second part to close the threads that were left unfinished and their characters have the end they should have.

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Scarlet heart ryeo
Period dramas are always fan favorites. This story stars IU, a girl who for some reason travels to the past and appears in the year 941 during the Goryeo era. There she will meet several princes who will feel different emotions for her, but only one will manage to captivate her heart; however, it is the black sheep of her family due to a scar.

The story made more than one cry, for example, when EXO’s Baekhyun character dies. In the end, although things turn out “good”, “Go Ha Jin” returns to his normal life and many hoped that their prince would reincarnate or find her in today’s world, as the couple had an open ending.

Quien eres? School 2015
It is the story of 2 twin sisters who have different lives, but after an accident, they change places. The noble Eun-Bi has a stormy life due to her bully, but by taking the place of her sister she meets new friends and 2 boys who will fight for her love.

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The end of the drama was happy for the protagonists, although the love between Eun-Bi and the handsome athlete from the school remained open, as her heart decides for one of the two until the last episode, while her sister travels abroad. A second part could show us Eun-Bi’s life without pretending to be someone else and what her relationship is like with the boy who stole her heart.


Luna Hotel
The plot revolves around a girl condemned to spend her life as the manager of a hotel where ghosts stay. Starring IU, the drama caused huge popularity, and fans speculated about a second season, not only because of its success, but because of the ending.

In the last episode, actor Kim Soo Hyun appears in a kind of cameo to take control of the hotel, as he will be the new manager of the place under the name “Blue Moon”. In addition to the great costumes, magic and OST, this story deserved a second part.

Strong Woman
The drama tells the story of Bong Soon, a girl who possesses superhuman super strength and will use her powers to stop the thugs. She will have the help of Officer In Gook Du, and her first love. She will also meet CEO Min Hyuk.

The plot is tender, funny and full of action, many loved it, so some fans hoped that a second part could be developed that will show the family life of the protagonist with the boy who stole her heart with her 2 twin daughters living situations comical.

A Korean Odyssey
It tells the story of Jin Sun Mi, a girl who can see ghosts since she was a child and was deceived by a demon. When she is an adult, she will meet Son Oh Gong, the Monkey King, who recognizes her for being Sam Jang, a girl whose blood is capable of giving the greatest of powers to whoever drinks it. Amid a series of conflicts and misunderstandings, they fall in love.

The fans were disappointed with the ending, so they expected a second season, since the protagonists did not even conclude their love story despite the chemistry and moments that their characters lived.


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