Korea Wants to Improve Its Image For Tourism Development in 2023 Thanks to Kpop and Kdramas


South Korea has decided to develop its image in order to become a country that needs to be opened.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has allocated a budget of 10 billion won to make 2023 the “year of visiting South Korea” to restore tourism in the country of morning calm.

First, the government will declare 2023-2024 the Year of Visiting South Korea and will hold events to promote public-private cooperation in tourism sectors such as air transportation, accommodation, shops and restaurants.

The Year of Visit to South Korea project aims to develop medical wellness tourism, diversify tourist destinations through content such as revitalizing island tourism, which combines stories with local landscapes and ecosystems.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to create the open Blue house “Cheong Wa Dae” as a living cultural, artistic and historical exhibition space and set a new budget of 10.4 billion won.

The Ministry also decided to ensure the best results in “Cheong Wa Dae” and modernize the infrastructure, which provides comprehensive information, recreation areas and tourist information for local and foreign tourists visiting Gyeongbokgung and Gwanghwamun palaces, as well as Hanok Bukchon and Socheon villages.

“The government’s vision regarding tourism can be reduced to two directions: K-culture and easing restrictions,” said the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

“We should use K-culture, which attracts a lot of attention around the world, as a springboard for the revival of our tourism industry,” he added.

The government also plans to hold major cultural events, such as the Hallyu Concert, throughout the year in 50 major cities around the world.

Tourism programs related to Korean culture will be developed, such as tasting elite Korean dishes and golf competitions on behalf of popular Korean golfers for foreign tourists wishing to re-visit the country.

The Kpop, Kdrama and other Hallyu content training program will also be launched for foreigners.

Would you visit South Korea in 2023?


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