Koo becomes Twitter alternative in India


Amid disagreements between Twitter and the Indian government, which on Wednesday (10) asked the company to block several profiles involved in the farmers’ protests, a new social network with characteristics similar to the American service begins to gain strength in the Asian country.

This is Koo, a microblogging platform launched in 2020 and which has already won the support of several politicians and government officials in India, who have even summoned their followers to switch networks and alerted them to the possibility of banning the company in case of “disrespect for local laws”.

The Indian alternative to Twitter has some similarities with the most famous version, starting with the Koo logo, which is a bird. Other points in common are the limited number of characters for the posts, called “koos”, the traditional trending topics (most commented subjects at the moment) and the user account verification interface.

On the latest platform, users can also share content with other services very easily and quickly. To send a link to a post via WhatsApp or Facebook, for example, just select the specific icon for the desired app from the options.

Available for Android and the web

For now, the Koo app is only available for Android, in the mobile version, and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, where the social network is described as a place to share your opinions, get updated, follow artists, politicians, athletes, journalists , activists and celebrities.

The “Indian Twitter”, which currently has almost 70 thousand downloads, can also be accessed by the computer, through the web version, compatible with any browser.

The social network currently supports five Indian languages, but developers said more local languages ​​will be added soon.


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