Konami Wants to Revive More Classic IP in The Form of Indies


Konami: Shin Murato, one of Konami’s top producers, recently gave an interview to the JPGames website. There, he talked a little about the future plans of the veteran developer, who launched this month the game roguelike GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon.

“We continue to be inspired by several indie games and the way they manage to innovate and launch exciting things,” said Murato. “We thought GetsuFumaDen would be an interesting IP to rescue in an indie style, so we looked to the GuruGuru studio for that, since we knew them well.”

This “ransom” cited by Murato concerns the origins of the franchise, which was launched exclusively in Japan for the Famicom during the 1980s. “GuruGuru was exploring a graphic style that fit this IP very well, and had fans of the original game on development team “, explained the producer.

Although he did not provide further details, he still let slip that former Konami fans can expect more brands to be revived in similar treatment, although there is no date set for any such revelations. The studio will also not be present at E3 2021.

Which classic Konami brands would you like to see revived as more indie-style games? Comment below!


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