Konami Unveils eFootball Gameplay In New 6-Minute Trailer!


Konami this week released an extensive trailer detailing how the gameplay of eFootball, its next generation free-to-play PES (or Winning Eleven) will work. The video even brings the participation of some athletes, to give credibility to the producer’s attempt to simulate the real matches of the game.

One of the main highlights of the trailer is the concern the developer seems to have with “one-to-one” confrontations in eFootball. The idea of ​​the game is to give the player a more immersive feel and a more complete experience when two high-caliber players come face to face in attack against defense.

The trailer shows the different tools the offensive player can use to dribble his opponent, as well as the defense resources to catch the ball and keep it. It is especially interesting to highlight the “physicality” of these interactions, showing how the player can put his body in front to defend the ball in these disputes.

The trailer also shows some of the menu and tactical schemes that the player will be able to assemble before going to matches, as well as details of how the AI ​​works in some of these cases.

The release of eFootball is scheduled for the next few months on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. A mobile version is expected to be released a little later.


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