Konami undergoes internal restructuring


Konami has announced an internal restructuring in which three production divisions will be dissolved – but has denied that it is ending its game production after fans and the press began to speculate about the change.

A publication on Konami’s website explained that the restructuring will dissolve production divisions 1, 2 and 3 “to respond to the fast market around us”. These divisions represented those responsible for the company’s games, so some considered that they were outside the games market – which is not the case.

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, confirmed that the intention is to have teams “focused on areas of growth in the industry” and that this restructuring is similar to one that Konami itself had already carried out in 2015.

Therefore, there is no indication that the company will close or that the IPs were or will be sold to other developers.

Although Konami has not commented further, the same announcement shows that several executives who previously led production divisions are now leading separate production departments. According to the statement, it may be that the development work of the old divisions is being doubled in broader departments.

Currently, Konami is actively working on PES updates for new generation consoles, in addition to launching ports of classics like Metal Gear, Castlevania and Contra for PC.

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