Konami Teases With New Announcements of New Games


Konami started the year 2023 promising to introduce even more new games this year.

As part of its annual New Year’s address to fans, the company discussed the release of “new games for famous TV series” this year, which follows recent hints that they are going to revive a number of dormant franchises.

The company also stated that it has new and undeclared projects that are “deeply and quietly being implemented.”

“Happy New Year to all game lovers,” the message began. “Thank you so much for enjoying many Konami games last year.

“This year is the year of the Rabbit, and we are planning new games for famous series to achieve even greater success.

“In addition, new projects, which we have yet to announce to you, are also being conducted deeply and quietly. Please look forward to future Konami announcements.”

Elsewhere, Konami studio recently announced that they are remaking the classic survival horror video game Silent Hill 2. The announcement was made during the company’s long-awaited Silent Hill presentation in October, which also confirmed two new games (Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill F), a movie (Return To Silent Hill) and a “live interactive the series in real time” (Silent Hill Ascension).

Originally released in September 2001 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, the remake is being developed by the Polish studio Bloober Team (which has worked on horror films such as Blair Witch and The Medium) for PlayStation 5 and PC (via Steam).

During the Konami presentation, a teaser trailer with a description of the remake was shown, in which it was added: “Get acquainted with a master class on psychological survival horror, recognized as the best in the series, on the latest equipment with chilling visual effects and intuitive sounds.”

“The revival of the Silent Hill series does not end with the release of Silent Hill 2,” Konami producer Motoi Okamoto wrote in a blog post on the PlayStation website. “We have announced not only a remake of the past classics, but also several games with completely new stories. Creating new games is what really brings the franchise back.

Okamoto also confirmed during the demo that the company is working with other developers on further Silent Hill projects.


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