Konami opens the official Silent Hill Twitter account


The famous survival horror has not yet returned with a delivery of its own, but has made an appearance in Dead by Daydlight.

More fuel for the fire, burned wood that turns to ash, the same that falls on the town of Silent Hill. Among rumors about a possible return of the saga, Konami has opened the official account of this survival horror on Twitter. Those who wait for the announcement of a new installment will still have to wait for the Japanese company to speak out, because the only real thing is that Silent Hill has crossed paths with Dead by Daylight, the video game developed by Behavior Interactive. So, Pyramid Head, Heather and Midwitch Elementary School have appeared in this horror title.

Apologies and qualification

Konami, for its part, has set off all the alarms when it has published, worth the redundancy, the Silent Hill alarm in video format. As it could not be otherwise, users have responded to the tweet hopefully, so the Japanese have had to step up to deny that this means an imminent announcement. “Peace of mind, Internet. We were watching Dead By Daylight streams and thought about sharing the sound and the feeling of being hunted. We are not going to delete the tweet or back down, we just wanted you to enjoy it. ”

In a later tweet they have apologized for lighting the flame of hope and have clarified that any news about the saga will be published first on @Silent Hill. “We were acting like fans and enjoying the sound and the memories. Sorry, it was not our intention to spoil the party on Friday. ”

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The Silent Hill saga has been fallow for years. The veteran survival horror, who was born on PlayStation, featured four main installments developed by Team Silent. Later, in the generation of PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, the company decided to outsource the developments and order new chapters from western studios. Projects such as Silent Hill: Origins or Silent Hill: Downlpour were born from these alliances.


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