Konami on eFootball: “We Keep Developing First For Consoles”


Konami: The producer of eFootball ensures that they continue to focus on the console experience thanks to the scalability of the Unreal Engine. Konami’s direction is clear: PES dies and eFootball is born. The long-lived Pro Evolution Soccer franchise makes the leap to a new brand together with a completely different business model: free to play. These sensitive changes began to be planned “about two years ago to coincide with the transition of the console generation and the changes in the market,” says its producer, Seitaro Kimura.

What can we expect from eFootball?

In an interview with the IGN portal, Kimura wanted to clarify some of the elements of this new perspective. “I think we have already shown that this structure is satisfactory on mobiles. By applying the same model across all platforms, we hope that more soccer fans will be able to play it on consoles as well ”.

Although in practice it is based on the model of the mobile device version, Kimura assures that they continue to “develop for consoles in the first place.” “We take that experience and make it available on mobile, which makes it closer to consoles on mobile.”

We know that eFootball will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, and on iOS and Android mobile devices. Given that it is aimed at multiplatform gaming between all systems, can you ensure the graphic quality at the height of each one? “We ask our fans not to worry, we have made great efforts to adapt the visual quality according to the hardware of each device,” emphasizes Kimura.

Cross-play was what prompted the studio to build on the Unreal Engine 4. “The speed when developing on the Unreal Engine is one of the highest among graphics engines, and how scalable it is between high-requirement and low-requirement systems; perfect for mobile platforms and new generation ”.

We will know more details throughout the summer. For its part, eFootball is scheduled to launch sometime in early fall.