Konami is going to announce an unknown game from the “World’s Favorite” series


Konami is going to present an unknown game from the “world-beloved” franchise at the Tokyo Game Show this year, which will be held from September 15 to 18.

According to Gematsu, Konami’s schedule for the show says little about the game itself, only adding that voice actor Yuki Kaji will take the stage to announce it.

Kaji is a fairly well—known name in the voice acting of video games, appearing in Grand Theft Auto 5, Final Fantasy 13, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and many, many others. However, he only appeared in three Konami games, two of which are part of the long-dormant Suikoden franchise, and the other is Japanese-only called Terror of the Stratus for PSP.

TGS assumption: Konami will announce a new game on TGS, and it’s a “world-favorite game.” According to the @gematsu article, she will be represented by Yuki Kaji. I checked his wiki entry, and the only game in which the fields “world’s favorite” and “Yuki Kaji” are marked is 2 Suikoden games.


Fans of the franchise have already noticed the connection on Twitter, where @SicaSquarepants (above) pointed out that the only world—famous Kaji games from Konami are Suikoden Tierkreis 2008 and Gens Suikoden 2012: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki – the last two games to be released in the classic role-playing series.

Originally released on PlayStation, Suikoden is a series of role-playing games, best known for including over 100 playable characters in its core games, as well as stylized 2D art, animation, and aspects of fortress construction. In our review of the original game, we called it “undoubtedly one of the best role-playing games ever created.”

Since then, key members of the Suikoden team have unveiled a spiritual successor to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, which has become a huge hit on Kickstarter and is due out next year.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed, and Konami reportedly has several other franchises in development in which, given the prestige of his voice acting, Kaji could easily be involved.

Silent Hill is another Konami franchise that is rumored to return at some point, and the latest in a long string of leaks occurred in May. Four images of the alleged new Silent Hill game appeared on Twitter before the “copyright holder” deleted them, leading many to believe they were legitimate.

Rumors of a Silent Hill reboot have been circulating since October last year, and new reports surfaced in February, and then flared up again in March when Konami renewed the trademark of the series.

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