Konami has patented a patinko machine for use in the USA


Despite rumors about the development of popular Konami IP projects, such as Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, Konami’s business for the production of pachinko machines is still in full operation. Recent reports show what his plans are for cars in the future.

Konami had previously remade the assets for Metal Gear Solid 3, creating updated cut scenes that would have been perfect for a remake, but instead they were used for a patinko machine. These have been dark days for Metal Gear Solid fans, and according to recent reports, Konami is looking to expand its patinko slot machine business.

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For players who may not know, Japan bans most forms of gambling, and the pachinko slot machine is a kind of loophole that salons have used to exploit this market for financial gain. The patinko machine works similarly to pinball; for the Konami machine, if the customer wins, the next scene from the game will be played. Konami has a lot of forgotten gaming IP addresses and has turned its major franchises into shadows of themselves by using their games in this way.

Based on a patent filed and approved in the United States in December 2021, Konami is currently trying to promote its pachinko slot machines in the United States. The description provided to the manufacturers suggests that the theme is intended for the machines to showcase a popular game that attracts casino customers. therefore, when they play and win, the machines will play scenes from this favorite video game, which encourages these customers to invest more time and money.

Konami cancelled the PT horror game from Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, just a year or so before the debut of the MGS3 patinko gaming machine, hinting at the fact that Konami was moving its assets away from video game platforms. However, Konami is reportedly still making video games, just not at the level that fans are used to.

Only time will tell what Konami’s business direction will be for its video games, although rumors of a new remake of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid 3 are in development, at least it is optimistic to assume that Konami will return these franchises in the near future. a long way.


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