Komi Can’t Communicate: Season 2, Episode 11 – Review


Below are spoilers for the 11th episode of the series “Komi can’t communicate” of the 2nd season “It’s just Torn Tights”, which is currently being broadcast on Netflix.

It’s February 15th, the morning before school, and poor Komi is just saddened at the thought of meeting Tadano again after their strange encounter last night. Komi’s mom, happy to skip the day and hide under a blanket, manages to lure the teenager out and send her on her way.

She helps viewers get to know the new characters Akako Onigashima and Sato Amami, two unknown friends who were lucky enough to get on the Komi list. Tadano, on the other hand, almost finds himself thrown off the same list in the crowded penultimate episode of the second season, “Komi can’t communicate.”

“It’s just torn tights”

Comey is bombarded with embarrassing memories of how things turned out on Valentine’s Day, and he’s uncharacteristically awkward with Tadano, which hasn’t happened since the first season. However, the day has to go on and they both find a way to work with each other. they continue their lessons. Suddenly, tragedy strikes when Ren Yamai notices that Komi’s stockings are torn, revealing a tiny patch of skin to the wandering eye, and this time Ren’s main goal is to protect Komi’s virtue. Abandoning the idea of following Komi all day and hiding the fake world from view, Ren decides to talk directly to the Goddess of Class, conveniently offering her a new pair of tights to change into.

The two girls get close in the bathroom when Ren shows his vulnerable side for a change, but the moment is soon lost when Komi’s discarded tights somehow land, hiding Ren’s face. An agitated Comey chases after her friend, trying to pick up her underwear, and, fortunately for everyone nearby, the Class Goddess is in such a panic that she forgot to change and runs down the corridor with her legs completely exposed. a world to see. Tadano will make sure to make a mental note of the incident, which will probably come in handy later.

“It’s just them and her club”

Attentive fans might have noticed Onigashima earlier as a member of Ren Yamai’s small group of friends (more like a retinue, but okay). best friend, but Onigashima is a human being after all and has as much right to a bad day as anyone else; and the boy was her day today. Skillfully catching every red light on the way to school, Onigashima has the opportunity (repeatedly) to re-tie his shoelaces and spends most of the day without untangling the headphones. Yes, who needs music, it does not calm a wild beast and nothing significant…

Onigashima’s mood that day is so bad that even her close friends avoid her, and Ren shrewdly warns Tadano to continue the wide birth in case Onigashima spontaneously explodes. Lunchtime can’t suppress the negative atmosphere, and tragedy almost happens again when Onigashima’s headphones head straight to the warm tub in the sink. Fortunately, Komi was attentive and saves the situation in time, conveniently untangling chaotic wires in the process. And just like that, Comey makes another new friend, and the couple spends the day pouring out their frustration in the ball cages.

“It’s just a trifle”

Thanks to the consistent introduction of new characters, Sato also gets a chance to prove himself in the role of the often overlooked “other” roommate of Komi in class 1-1. Sato is an overly sweet and generous girl, right down to the floor rag, as people soon realize her inability to refuse a request. From coming to school early to clean up the classroom alone, to handing out grandma’s panties to perverted friends. Sato just can’t find the strength to say the word “no”.

However, Sweet Sato meets a worthy rival when she tries to help Tadano, who himself has a habit of being too helpful. Practically snatching a huge stack of papers from his hands, Sato struggles to carry the load and almost falls, but Komi and Tadano are not far behind (and Najimi is even further away) to lend a helping hand. With burden sharing, the task becomes manageable, and subsequently Sato has a brainwave. If you turn to friends for help from time to time, Sato’s life will not only become easier, but also more enjoyable, with more communication and less loneliness.

“It’s just a fight”

Believe it or not, but Komi and Tadano are actually at odds, and the reason for their conflict is even more outlandish; a pinched ego. Two of the most timid and pleasant students of class 1-1 are officially, but for the first time, leading, discussing among themselves how best to solve the puzzle of shogi Kato Mikuni, but Tadano and Komi have completely different opinions about this.