Kojima Wants To Make Games That ‘change in real time’


Hideo Kojima is famous for the Metal Gear series games and, more recently, for Death Stranding. But the creator, above all, conquered his space by always looking for different ways to play each new game. In a recent interview, Kojima talked about how he wants to go even further in finding different ways to play.

“What I want to do is games that change in real time” – declared the developer in an interview with Japanese magazine An-An. “Even when we finally get people of various ages and occupations all over the world playing the same game, everyone, and I mean everyone, is playing the same thing.”

Kojima’s idea is to be able to create a game that changes according to the experience of the person who is playing. “Instead, I want to do something that changes based on where a person lives, or how they think.”

This is not a new idea. We have several games that change depending on the way the player plays, from more explicit titles – allowing choices in dialogue, for example – to games that do this in a more subtle way. But every game is limited by the amount of possibilities that can be programmed into it.

We know that Hideo Kojima is always very ambitious in his ideas and concepts, and his success in turning them into reality varies according to the opinions of the players. So just waiting to see what a game like this would be like, made by the hands of the leader of Kojima Productions.


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