Koh-Lanta: The pilgrim was lynched on social networks


Hadja is not unanimous! She has never ceased to be criticized since her first appearance in Koh-Lanta, the 4 Lands. His behavior does not please, nor even his sporting qualities.

On Friday, during the broadcast of the second episode of Koh-Lanta, viewers discovered the famous water test.

And unfortunately, Hadja did not feel comfortable there. Its performance has therefore been criticized. Some netizens have even compared the adventurer to Ahmad, a candidate from the previous season.

Remember! Koh-Lanta fans laughed at him a lot. But not only ! Denis Brogniart then took pleasure in tackling him on the Web.

So the comparison is not complimentary for Hadja. However, the professional handball player knows how to swim well. Only then, she had a hard time carrying the big stone in the water.

The comments therefore parade on Twitter: “Hadja, she hates Alexandra but she saw herself during the ordeal or what?”, “Nan but Hadja? Is it because of you that they lose and then you allow yourself to criticize again? ”


Or again: “It doesn’t know how to swim but it brings its mouth back to criticize. Because of her, her team lost again “,” Hadja she is able to say that Alexandra is a drag but when you have to do a test there is no one left. ”

But fear not, Hadja accepts these criticisms. She even shows that they make her laugh. Indeed, the Koh-Lanta candidate has therefore shared several negative messages.

And this, while making fun of herself. Eh yes ! So she asked her fans to choose the best swimmer between her and Ahmad! It seems that the young woman has a lot of humor, doesn’t she!

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