Koh-Lanta: the next season will be shot in France!


Between alliances, tackles, immunity trials, group quarrels, and whatever… We’re going to have a blast, once again!

Thanks to the revelations of Denis Brogniart, guest in “Media Culture”, we know that TF1 is cooking up a Koh-Lanta with little onions! With of course, a big surprise …

For this season 22, the shooting will not be done on an island lost abroad … No no, the castaways will not get lost very far, since the shooting will take place in France. Ah!

According to Denis Brogniart, the Koh-Lanta casting has come to an end, and to hear him, “he’s nice and there will be lots of great things.” We are already wondering if the island of exile will remain in the game.


“I’m giving you a hint, but I won’t tell you more,” the show host said at first. “It will be in France. But France is big “.

After having faced candidates from all over France, Koh-Lanta will therefore exile them somewhere in France. But where ? That is the question…

However, as Denis said, France is big, “it can be very far”. Yes, let’s not forget, France isn’t just mainland France …

Season 22 could therefore very well set its backdrop on a remote island near Guyana (which is not an island!), Somewhere near the French Antilles or even near Tahiti!

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