Koh-Lanta the 4 Lands: This nominated adventure


On his second day at the camp, the adventurer saw an incident that would have gone well. He loses an essential item of clothing for this competition presented by Denis Brogniart: his swimsuit.

So the one who represents the Basque country in the western tribe sets out in search of his lost object. In vain.

So, the latter questions his teammates. “Haven’t you seen a jersey? Turquoise, there… Turquoise blue, green… It is flashy, eh! ”

But it seems that no one has seen her swimsuits. It’s panic for François! ” You believe in it ? I lost my jersey! He must have fallen into the water, I no longer have my jersey … ”

And of course, the candidate starts by losing his temper. So much so that he forgets the cameras: “Noooo … I can’t believe it, c * n! Me * from! Puta * n! He pleaded.


So François quickly understands that he will never find his swimsuit again. But to continue the Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands adventure, he must find a solution.

In the end, the latter has no other choice but to replace his jersey with simple underpants. However, this incident does not discourage him.

Even better ; Koh-Lanta’s candidate even draws a lesson from it: “I’m a bit scared, but hey… My negligence meant that I didn’t think my jersey could fly off at all. ”

“It is true that we are not necessarily very well organized,” admits the Basque. So he promises, “I think what happened to me today is going to be a lesson for us for days to come. “


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