Koh-Lanta the 4 lands: the candidate is already a TF1


Friday August 28, 2020, the new season of Koh-Lanta the 4 lands began on TF1. This program was therefore eagerly awaited by Internet users.

And for good reason ! They really liked the last season. So they hope to relive the same emotions as last year. Moreover, the audiences have fallen …

And imagine that Koh-Lanta the 4 lands worked very well! It’s even the best launch in three years! More than 5.66 million people were therefore in front of their screens.

That is a million more viewers compared to the first episode of last season. A real success! However, the cast has been widely criticized on the web.

Netizens did not accept the Bretons’ absence from the Western team. Something that therefore made Denis Brogniart react: “But you see, there, we are being a little ridiculed, because we have no Bretons …”

“So this is the concern that Christian Prudhomme, patron of the Tour de France every year, has: we can’t be everywhere! We then try to have charismatic candidates, motivated people. But we cannot satisfy everyone. ”


The viewers were therefore able to discover the new candidates. There are already some popular candidates … Others laughed at! Moreover ! Among the 24 adventurers, one of them has already been seen on a TF1 program!

It is then Brice who is therefore part of the Western team. He took part in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show: Les 12 coups de midi.

The host rightly recognized him on Koh-Lanta! He therefore shared a photo of the candidate on his Instagram account.

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The 23-year-old is a radio host. And one thing is certain! He is therefore ready to do anything to win the physical events of Koh-Lanta!


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