Kody Brown gave his daughter a choice: “School or me”


Kody Brown (53) is a strict father! The 18-year-old father is best known for his reality show Sister Wives, which tells about his polygamous life with four women. Kristin Brown (50) broke up with the Reality TV-Star in November last year. With her, he became the father of six children. One of them is Isabelle (19). In the new episode, a rather scared Kody appears, who gives his daughter a choice!

In the new episode ​​Kristina tells her ex-partner that her daughter Isabel wants to go back to school to spend the rest of her senior year with friends. From their point of view, it makes sense. Still avoiding the public for fear of contracting the coronavirus, Kody bitterly replies, “The thing is, everyone can do whatever they want, but I can’t flaunt myself to people.” That’s why Isabelle has to choose between school and going to her father. It’s incompatible for him.

Kristin considers her ex-partner’s behavior ridiculous. One of the reasons for her divorce from Kody was that he himself did not visit Isabel when she had back surgery in New Jersey in 2019. This reinforced her decision to leave Kody last November, according to The Hollywood Gossip.


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