Kodak Announces World’s Largest Puzzle of 51,300 Pieces


US-based camera maker Kodak has produced the world’s largest puzzle available for purchase. The puzzle, consisting of 51,300 pieces, depicts 27 wonderful works from different parts of the world.

Under the influence of the whole world, the coronavirus has imprisoned people in many parts of the world. Those who have to close their homes somehow try to spend their time. Activities for spending time include playing games, watching movies, starting a new series or making a puzzle.

Maybe you are among those who prefer puzzles, and you may even have finished all the puzzles you have. If you have finished all your puzzles, Kodak has a great suggestion for you: the biggest puzzle in the world with 51,300 pieces.

27 wonders of the world, each consisting of 1,900 pieces:
This 51,300-piece puzzle, produced by the US-based company, has become the world’s largest puzzle for now. The total width of the puzzle reaches 1.9 meters, its total length reaches 8.6 meters. The total weight is 18.5 kg.

The puzzle consists of 27 chapters set in 3×9 shape, and each of these 27 chapters contains places to be seen from various points of the world. The pieces of these 27 sections of the puzzle are in different bags, but each section is connected to each other, revealing a huge structure.

These 27 sections of the puzzle include the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, the Pyramid of El Castillo, Machu Picchu, the Crown Mahal, the Great Giza Pyramid, the Eiffel Tower and the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul.

Kodak uses the title of “the world’s largest puzzle” for the puzzle, but for this to be true, the phrase “can be purchased” must be added in front of it, because the world’s largest puzzle was a lotus flower made of 1,600 students made by Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

Although this puzzle is 10 times bigger than the one produced by Kodak, it cannot be purchased. The lotus flower puzzle is 14.6 meters wide and 23.2 meters long. So even if you buy this puzzle, you need a fairly large area.


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