Kocos Sonic Frontiers has an Obvious Endpoint


The upcoming SEGA Sonic Frontiers platformer will bring the Sonic franchise into the open-world genre for the first time, and there will be a number of big changes. The fast hedgehog will still run around collecting rings, but he will have a completely new kingdom called Starfall Islands to explore along with puzzles to solve, towers to climb, and, of course, collectibles to find. One of the collectibles in Sonic Frontiers are coco, small stone creatures that live on islands. While it has been confirmed that Kocos will serve as a collectible quest for players, some suspect that Kocos may also play a role similar to Chao from previous Sonic games.

The Chao, a race of mystical creatures with a jelly-like appearance, have been spotted all over Sonic’s world. They are peaceful creatures who prefer to live in safety in the gardens of Chao, where they can swim, play and eat fruits at will. Although Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team, confirmed in an interview that Kocos will be very different from Chao, many fans still assume that the inclusion of Kocos in Frontiers heralds the return of a mode similar to the Chao Garden mini-game from previous Sonic games. games.

Kocos could be the next Ciao Garden

Ciao Gardens, first introduced in Sonic Adventure, were several places where players could grow, play and breed Ciao. Completing various tasks can reward players with Ciao eggs, from which Ciao will hatch if stored in the garden. Depending on how well Ciao was taken care of and what kind of Chaos Drives and Animals he was fed, he could evolve into one of more than 100 adult variants of Ciao. These chao could then participate in chao and chao karate races, and eventually they would reach full maturity and reincarnate into another chao egg. It is reported that many Sonic Adventure players spent hours in the Gardens, raising a high-level Ciao.

The information provided about Coco confirms that, like Chaos, they live in close communities deep in the natural world. This makes them an obvious choice for a mode similar to the Chao Garden, where you can collect, organize, breed and develop Coco. It is also confirmed that Coco has a different appearance depending on the style of the leaf on the head, which gives players an incentive to grow and take care of many types of Coco. In addition, it has been confirmed that Kocos provides Sonic with various benefits that could potentially encourage players to take care of Kocos. The previously revealed Elder and Hermit Coconut can also serve as special versions of Coco, similar to Dark and Hero Chao in previous games.

Kocos are also probably similar to Koroks

Fans have also noticed similarities between the appearance of Coco and Korokov from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These tiny stick-and leaf-like creatures love to play hide-and-seek across Hyrule’s land, prompting Link to find them. By solving Korok’s riddle and locating him, you will receive Link a Korok Seed; he can exchange Korok seeds to increase his inventory. Players can collect 900 Crust seeds throughout Hyrule, although only 441 seeds are needed to get the maximum number of inventory upgrades.

Based on the information provided by SEGA, it seems that Sonic will be able to meet Coco hidden around the Starfall Islands. When Sonic finds enough Coco and delivers them to an Elder or Hermit, he can exchange them for improvements to his attack, health, Ring capacity and, of course, speed. It is reported that Hermit Coconut will focus on strength and defense, and Elder Coconut will focus on improving Sonic’s speed and the limit of rings. It definitely resembles Koroks, although, unlike the creatures from “Breath of the Wild”, Kokos are mostly detected by sound — when detected, Kokos emit a unique bell-like sound.

Will Chao Race or Chao Karate return to Sonic Frontiers?

In addition to growing Chao in the garden, players of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 could enter their Chao into races on various tracks. Chaos’ performance in races depended on their characteristics, including Swimming, Flying, Strength and Endurance. Some races were exclusive to Dark and Hero Chao, while others, known as group races, could be played together with friends. The improved port of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle also adds Chao Karate, another mini-game in which Chao can compete with each other in battle.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the Kocos in Sonic Frontier will be able to race or fight. However, it has been confirmed that there will be mini-games featuring Coco, including one in which Sonic must find the lost Coco and bring them home. Since SEGA currently has no plans to release a free demo of Sonic Frontiers, it’s likely that Coco’s full role won’t be revealed until the full game debuts later in 2022.


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