Kobe Bryant’s widow pays tribute on his birthday amid court photo shoot


It’s hard to believe that more than two years have passed since the world lost Kobe Bryant, who died at the age of 41 along with his daughter and seven other people in a helicopter crash. However, the legacy of the NBA legend has been preserved, as many continued to show him respect after the tragic incident. The widow of the late star, Vanessa Bryant, constantly honors both her husband and their daughter Gianna. Vanessa is currently in the process of legal proceedings over the distributed photos of the crash site. However, amid the court drama, Mrs. Bryant took some time to honor her husband’s memory on the day he would have turned 44.

The widow of Kobe Bryant shared a birthday post on her Instagram account, and the photo she added shows Vanessa hugging Kobe after his winning performance in the 2009 NBA Finals. She also added a short but cute caption:

Happy birthday, baby! I love you and miss you very much! #44 ❤️

I mean, I’m not crying or anything like that. I just got dust in my eyes. But, seriously, this is a wonderful post that simultaneously honors the Los Angeles Lakers icon, and also testifies to the love that he and his wife felt for each other. Vanessa Bryant also shared a tender message on her husband’s birthday last year. Like this last one, the post contained a retrospective image and a sentimental caption.

The sudden departure of Kobe Bryant was followed by many thanks from fans and celebrities. Right after that, the ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance” even honored Bryant in one of the 10 episodes. On the anniversary of his death, Jimmy Fallon and others shared a touching tribute to the Hall of Fame. And, as you might expect, Bryant-related memorabilia has become even more popular lately.

After Black Mamba’s death, former teammate Shaquille O’Neal paid an emotional tribute to him on the Inside the NBA program, and also spoke at his public memorial service. Later, O’Neill will mark the anniversary of his death by checking on the Bryant family. Recently, O’Neill also spoke out about Vanessa Bryant’s court case and praised her for “holding people accountable.”

In this case, Vanessa Bryant is reportedly demanding an unspecified amount of money (presumably millions of dollars) as compensation from Los Angeles County for photos of the crash site that were taken and handed over to emergency responders. Bryant claims she experienced “emotional stress” due to the distribution of photos and mocking messages on social media that she received early on. At the same time, she is suing on the grounds of negligence and invasion of privacy.

Most of the public will surely be watching the emotionally difficult trial as it continues. All this time, numerous fans are likely to follow Vanessa Bryant’s example and share their tribute to Kobe.


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