Kobe Bryant: Vanessa Bryant announces his latest project to his fans


Vanessa Laine Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s wife shares with her fans her latest project. We give you more details. Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa announces her latest project to her fans .
It has been more than two months since Kobe Bryant left us . But it remains in our memories.

Besides, his wife Vanessa Liane Bryant has just announced the release of the latest novel by Kobe Bryant . This one is called “The Wizenard Series: Season One”.

Besides this is the continuation of a first book. Indeed, last year we discovered ” The Wizenard Series: Training Camp”.

These men for teenagers and young adults had been imagined by the basketball player. Writer Wesley King wrote them. It was on Instagram that Vanessa Bryant announced the release of the novel. “Welcome back to Dren!” “She writes.

“We hope you’re all ready to return to the West Bottom Badgers for another magical basketball season. ยป Can be read on the publication.

In his novel The Wizenard Series: Season One, Kobe Bryant imagines the story of the members of the West Botton Badgers. A basketball team from a poor district of Dren.

Besides Dren is a fictional city . Nobody believes in this team. Besides, nobody expects to see them succeed in anything. That’s when a new coach enters. Professor Wizenard arrives then! The Badgers begin to observe and hear strange , magical phenomena .

Besides, the players have strange and unique visions. This calls into question all their knowledge about basketball and their lives! Kobe Bryant’s novel thus tells us the story of a team that learns to trust each other.

Vanessa Bryant announced on Instagram that the novel was “available now”.

She also published the same publication on the basketball player’s page. She had been inactive since her death in late January.