Known As Magda From “Sex and the City”, Actress Lynn Cohen dies at 86


The actress participated in the saga of “The Hunger Games”

Today the death of actress Lynn Cohen was confirmed at 86 years of age through The Hollywood Reporter .

Among her most representative roles is that of Magda in the HBO series “ Sex and the City ”, who was Miranda’s housekeeper in the series and eventually her nanny. He also played a role in the films of the series.

She is also remembered for playing Mags, the veteran fighter of the hunger games in the sequel ” Catching Fire .”

His co-star Sam Claflin shared a farewell message on Twitter .

“It would take you anywhere. Forever. Much love to you Lynn. Blessings.”

Cohen’s career began in 1983, also appearing in series such as NYPD Blue, Nurse Jackie, Law and Order , among others.

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