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Ubisoft’s game series Far Cry, which left its mark on the 2000s, will soon become a new member. The company’s surveys revealed the first details about Far Cry 6.

Far Cry, which has been the signature of many developers for years, especially Ubisoft, has acquired a serious audience since 2004. The last game of the series Far Cry New Dawn debuted in 2019. The expectations for the production were high, but the faces of the actors did not laugh much with New Dawn. Ubisoft started working on Far Cry 6, which will be the sequel to Far Cry 5 released in 2018.

Currently there is no official statement from Far publishers or developers related to Far Cry 6. Looking at the information leaked outside the company, the clearest forecast of Far Cry 6’s release date is March 21, 2021. The questions in a survey conducted by Ubisoft over Reddit were enough to raise the expectations of the players. Let’s look at the most important details about Far Cry 6 now.

The story of Far Cry 6 will take place in North Korea or another planet:
Far Cry 5 had included its players in a story in the Montana countryside of the United States. Far Cry New Dawn, which is an ongoing nature, presented a post-apocalyptic world in the same region. Thanks to the successful processing of the venue, most players were very surprised to learn that this is Montana.

Ubisoft conducted a survey on Reddit in early 2019 and asked where they would like the new game to go. The places offered by Ubisoft were extremely interesting and exciting: some regions of Northern Canada, another planet, post-apocalyptic world, India, Cuba, Alaska steppes, Siberia, South American forests, Vietnam forests, Africa, Sahara Desert, Australia , North Korea and New Zealand.

We have successfully seen the post-apocalyptic world story among these options in Far Cry New Dawn game. This means that Ubisoft cares about the players’ requests and makes the game arrangements accordingly. Among the options offered by Ubisoft for Far Cry 6, North Korea and another planet options are very popular. It seems likely that the new game will take place in one of these places.

How will the Far Cry 6 villains be?
One of the most important elements that increase the enjoyment of the game is of course the bad characters of the game. No gamer will want a villain with no history to easily destroy or suddenly encounter him. Evil characters such as Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed, which we encountered in the previous games of the Far Cry series, were the bad characters that the actors loved. While the bar is so high, the bad character expectation for Far Cry 6 is quite high.

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The bad character expected for the new game is not wanted to be seen only once and to beat it and everything is over. There is an expectation of a bad character that is in the story from the beginning of the game, where we can see the past story in detail, and that we will encounter by witnessing and fighting step by step in each section until the final.

There is a questionnaire conducted by Ubisoft in 2015 about enemies as important as bad character. Vampires and dinosaurs, which were among the survey options, attracted great attention. In the previous games of the series, after the interesting enemies we have seen in different places, the enemies that excite like vampires and dinosaurs will be quite beautiful and will increase the pleasure of playing.

What atmosphere awaits players in Far Cry 6?
As far as we’ve seen in the previous games of the series, there is no limit to time and space in Far Cry stories. This is also seen in the options that Ubisoft offers in its surveys. Since it is predicted that a story that will take place on another planet, which is one of the places expected for the new game, will take place in a much more distant future than today, evil characters, enemies and weapons are expected.

Likewise, North Korea, which may be one of the venues of the new game, has high expectations. Instead of a classic story, enemies such as vampires and dinosaurs in the enemy survey will face players in North Korea and the use of weapons never seen before will strengthen the atmosphere the game will offer. We can say that gamers want more than the Montana countryside.

Multiple player options and possible system requirements:
Co-op, or co-op or multiplayer option, is one of the favorite features of players in Far Cry. In previous games of the series, you could play a task with another player and complete the task together, but this task progression was seen only as progress in the first player. The biggest expectation from Far Cry 6 is that the progress of the missions completed as co-op applies to both players. Thus, you can complete the tasks more easily by playing together and also enjoy the game with your friend.

Estimated system requirements for Far Cry 6:
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Intel Core i7-6700


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