Those who knowingly infect the coronavirus can be accused of killing a man deliberately


Rector of Istanbul Commerce University Dr. Yücel Oğurlu said that if a person caught a coronavirus deliberately infects others and causes their death, they can be held responsible for deliberate murder.

Rector of Istanbul Commerce University, who is a lawyer. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu made statements regarding the measures and legal sanctions regarding the virus outbreak.

Professor Dr. Oğurlu explained that the measures taken due to the coronavirus outbreak are intended to regulate public health and that every measure taken is appropriate for administrative law. Oğurlu in Turkey reminded that there is still a curfew, the administration could impose administrative sanctions to ensure public order without resorting to the court decision he said.

Oğurlu added that people who cause loss of life by causing the virus to be transmitted to other people by acting irresponsibly even though he knows that he is sick can be held responsible for the crime of killing by negligence. Oğurlu said that according to the criminal law, those who deliberately infected a person and killed him by deliberately killing a person may have been killed.

Reminiscent of coronavirus measures in Italy. Dr. Oğurlu said that those who went out in Italy without a permit or for a reasonable reason were fined between 400 and 3 thousand euros. Oğurlu, also he noted that similar practices may now lives in Turkey when necessary.

Provincial pandemic boards were established in all cities under the chairmanship of governors with the latest measures taken. Oğurlu said that the governors could declare a curfew and quarantine in line with the advice of the established pandemic boards.

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Professor Dr. Yücel Oğurlu said that the measures taken to combat the coronavirus should be evaluated not in the context of freedoms but in the context of the right to live, while the complaints arising due to restrictions were not appropriate.


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