Know when the premiere will be broadcast on Netflix


The success of Cobra Kai without a doubt is bigger and bigger every day, and it is that, let us remember that the beginnings of this series were carried out through YouTube Pink, it was later when this martial arts drama began to be broadcast through the streaming platform, Netflix.

Since its debut on Netflix began, the success of Cobra Kai is greater every day, which is why the episodes of the last installment left so many unknowns on the air, since then, viewers have not stopped wondering when the premiere will be announced of the fifth season.

Creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg have been working (relatively) closely during the pandemic by continuing to shoot at an accelerated pace, and it’s no secret that this hiatus has been one of the hardest hits. for most productions, since many were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The result of this is that many productions started at a fairly accelerated pace, a clear example was with Cobra Kai, the cast hastily filmed the fourth and fifth installments, which is why the cast in general really feels a great confusion in relation to to the facts that will be seen on the screens.

Different stars have talked about this that happened behind the scenes, and one of them was the actor of Hawk, Jacob Bertrand, who confirmed the news a few weeks ago that the fifth season of Cobra Kai was already completely filmed, now it would be necessary for the edition to do its magic to finally be able to see it on Netflix. This was his statement:

“We really just finished… it was weird because we shot two seasons in one year. In 2021, we filmed season 4 and season 5, so it’s really hard to tell what happened before season 4 and the things I can’t even mention about season 5. This year has felt long but short in the same hour.”

Of course, Jacob Bertrand made it very clear that he couldn’t reveal what the fans really wanted to know, however, we do know that Hawk will be back on track with his trophy-winning spree.

Additionally, the creators have also been dedicating themselves to staying true to the spirit of the original The Karate Kid franchise. In this installment, we saw some winks that keep old fans wanting to continue entering this new world of Cobra Kai, so the launch of the fifth season of this drama will probably take place in this year 2022 or the next. 2023.