Know the trick to see private Instagram accounts


We show you how to view private accounts on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, it reached 1 billion users in 2018, a tenfold increase from 2013, more than 500 million people use it daily, setting their public accounts as private.

The only two platforms with the most daily users are YouTube and Facebook, which has also owned Instagram since 2012. Mark Zuckerberg paid $ 1 billion for Instagram, making it one of the largest technology acquisitions in history.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Instagram is due in part to how easy it is to set up and use it, as well as having tricks to know who stops following you on Instagram, for example.

All you need is to download the app and complete a hassle-free registration process, PC users don’t even have to do that as all content is available on the Instagram site.

Just log in and you’re good to go, the other reason is that Instagram has made it easy to limit access to user pages.

If you want, you can restrict who can and who cannot see your posts and other details. By setting your account to private, only people who follow you can see what you post.

Private accounts vs. public

Influencers and public figures usually present their accounts to the public, in that way, they increase the number of followers and people who can see their publications, with that increase comes an increase in reach, since they can influence more people, which it is ultimately your goal.

Since they are not concerned about privacy, they do not care who can see their posts and they have an army of lawyers at their disposal in case someone steals their intellectual property.

Setting their profiles for the public also allows them to gain more followers and have more exposure, the things that are the building blocks of an Instagram influencer’s successful career.

Things are a bit more complicated for users who do not have the ambition to become influencers. They just want to use Instagram to share their memories with their friends and family and sometimes they even seek to hide their account from unwanted followers.

As we mentioned, setting your account to private is a great way to restrict who can see your posts. If your Instagram account is for personal use, setting it private seems like a good idea.

It will allow only your friends and family to see your photos and you will have full control over your privacy, that, however, creates problems for people who only want to see those posts, without actually following the account.

However, there are ways around this that allow people to see even private accounts.

Become a follower

This is by far the easiest way to access a private account, simply submit a follower request and once approved you will have access to whatever that account posts on Instagram.

If you are submitting a request to someone you know, it will generally not be a problem and they will approve it.

If you’re trying to follow a stranger things can get tricky as some people tend to not approve follower requests from people they don’t know, in which case perhaps a follow-up message could be helpful.

Send them a courteously worded direct message, explaining why you want to follow them and how you know them, for example, if you met someone recently, you can mention where and when they met, be prepared to wait a bit as many people do not check their accounts on a daily basis and it may take a day or two to realize your request. If they don’t in a few days, you may want to send them a polite reminder.

Use another account

Creating fake accounts to access someone’s private profile is ethically and morally wrong, but sometimes you have no choice.

Make sure your fake account has similar interests that you are trying to access, finding suitable images online shouldn’t be a problem, just don’t make it obvious.

Also, use decent photos, both for credibility reasons and to prevent your new account from being banned by Instagram. Female accounts have a better chance of being approved, so we recommend choosing them.

If creating a fake account seems too complicated or you are just not ready to go there, you can use their friends’ accounts, if they are already followers.

Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

The other way to get access to a private account is by using the Instagram profile viewer tools.

Before we explain how, it is important to note that these sites are often scams and you should be very careful when using them, by accepting their terms of use, you expose yourself to malware and viruses that can seriously damage your device and create a lot of problems.

To use them, you must provide them with the details of your Instagram account, generally, they offer two options, either to view the profile in question or to directly download all the images that are in it.

The latter can be a risky proposition as you may inadvertently download harmful content, furthermore, it is important to note that the use of third-party software to obtain user data is prohibited by Instagram and may cause you to be banned from the platform or even get you in legal trouble.

All in all, we cannot be in good conscience when recommending the use of these tools, the risks simply far outweigh the benefits, not only will you risk exposing yourself to all kinds of malicious software, risking your personal data, but you can also be expelled and even sued. It’s just not worth it for a few photos.


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