Know the identity of the new participant of the Netflix reality show


In the global entertainment industry, the different versions of reality shows, also known by Anglicism as reality shows, have become a very popular genre widely explored in the world, so it is not surprising that the Netflix platform them include in your options catalog. But what has become a real novelty is the interest that Cielo para dos (Single’s Inferno) has aroused.

To the increasingly notorious interest of the international public in K-Dramas, series and cinematographic productions made by Korean talent, reality shows are now added, which although it has been a widely explored field in Asian entertainment, with the appearance in Netflix of Cielo para dos / Single’s Inferno, has conquered the interest of audiences from other latitudes.

With 6 episodes aired out of a total of 8 scheduled, since its debut on December 18, Cielo para dos / Single’s Inferno has managed to arouse great interest in discovering what a group of young people are willing to do to find a partner and find love. and attractive South Korean-born singles as they face some trials and interact in front of cameras on a desert island.

Although the staging is nothing new, with a format widely known in other parts of the world, it had never been seen starring South Koreans on a desert island and where the only way to escape is as a couple. Those who succeed can move to Heaven’s Island for one night to get to know each other better, share more personal information that was not allowed before and where they will be given luxury accommodation; while those that are not selected will spend the night in solitude on the Island of Hell.

In this first season of Heaven for Two, fans of the show closely follow the joys and sorrows of the first 9 contestants, Kim Hyeon Joong, Moon Se Hoon, Shin Ji Yeon, Kim Jun Sik, Kang So Yeon, Choi Si Huk, An Yea Won, Song Ji A, and Oh Jin Taek, who were joined in the last two episodes by two girls, Kim Su Min, Seong Min Ji, and an attractive young man named Cha Hyun Seung whose presence has turned internally into a Dramatic turn for the dynamics of the group and the external due to comments on social networks when their true identity is known.

Cha Hyun Seung is a 31-year-old dancer and model who from the first moment he joined Cielo para dos caused a sensation and a real commotion among the participants by choosing Song Ji Ah as his first date. Most of the South Korean fans of the program recognized the burly young man, who has become popular in the past for being part of the dance corps that accompany various celebrities in the music industry of that nation.

The new entrant has shared on his Instagram account images that attest to his career as a dancer in the moments when he collaborated with famous stars like BoA for the promotions of “One shot, two shot” in 2019; with Rain on the song “Why don’t we” in March 2021; also with the famous K-Pop girl group Girls Generation; went on the group SHINee’s X-Inspiration concert tour; with TVXQ’s Changmin! in “Chocolate” promotions; with MONSTA X’s Shownu; GOT7 at the Dream Concert 2014 event, also had the opportunity to perform with EXO and the famous Sunmi several times whose only dancing with her went viral on social media.