Do you know this? RM’s biggest fear


Do you know this? RM’s biggest fear. The idol said this activity is scarier than any nightmare.

The BTS guys have been very active on Weverse for the past few days, sharing photos, exchanging comments, and chatting a bit with their followers through this platform.

J-Hope recently shared a couple of posts, with the first one he told his followers that he had had a terrifying dream, he did not give more details about the nightmare that tormented him, but he shared another message in which he said that during that day He would have his first Pilates class , this would happen during the lunch hour, which gave him enough time to get a little more sleep and wake up on time.

However, Namjoon came across the post from his groupmate, before which he shared that, from his perspective, a Pilates lesson was even more terrifying than any nightmare, probably the RM message responds to the difficulty that this technique implies However, this message made fans of the group laugh.

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