Know how to use VIX Cine and TV 2020


Watching movies online for free is possible with VIX Cine and TV, a new streaming platform launched in Brazil last week by the American company VIX.

With operation and layout similar to Netflix and other famous catalogs, the service offers movies, series, documentaries, soap operas and other productions for users, who can watch the content on the PC or in applications for Android and iPhone (iOS).

The big difference is that the service does not require a subscription, allowing all videos to be watched for free. Next, check out all the details about VIX Cine and TV and how to use the platform to watch movies and series for free legally.

How does VIX Cine and TV work?

VIX Cine e TV is a free streaming platform, similar to other services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay, where the user can find attractions organized in categories and also by genre. To use, it is not necessary to login, that is, just access the website and choose what you want to watch.

The catalog features national and international series and films, dubbed and subtitled, Mexican soap operas, Brazilian productions, documentaries and other classic and current attractions of different genres, such as action, comedy, children’s, as well as original streaming mini-series and short films. , marked with the “VIX Originals” seal. VIX says the library offers more than 1,500 hours of content in Portuguese, with international curatorship and daily inclusion of new titles.

Among the most famous attractions in the catalog are the “Bitten” and “Haven” series, and films like “Marco Zero” and “The Obsession”, and shows by Adele, Justin Timberlake and Elton John. In the coming weeks, the service will receive more titles, such as “Breaking Througt – No Ritmo do Coração”, “Boleiros” and children’s series such as “Galinha Pintadinha” and “Palavra Cantada”.

To offer productions free of charge to the user, the platform displays advertisements from sponsoring companies during the videos, just as it does on open TV channels and on YouTube, for example. According to VIX, business agreements made with several distributors in Brazil guarantee the legality of the production exhibition.

How to use VIX Cine and TV to watch movies online for free

Step 1. Access VIX Cine and TV ( and see the entire catalog available on the screen, organized by categories and production genre. Click on the title you want to watch. Playback will start immediately, without having to log in;

Step 2. Click on the magnifying glass to search for a movie or series;

Step 3. Use the menu commands to control playback. In the arrow icons, it is possible to fast forward or rewind the video in 15 seconds;

Step 4. In the gear icon, select the video quality.

Take advantage of the tip to watch movies and series online for free on VIX Cine and TV.


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