Knives Out 2 finally has a release date, and you’ll have to wait a bit for Daniel Craig’s next case


The chain of clues slowly gathered like donut holes matching into one perfect dough when it comes to Ryan Johnson’s “Get Knives 2.” Not so long ago, the upcoming film revealed its name, giving us the name “Glass Bow: Get the knives.” A mystery, but the release date has always been elusive. This information is now readily available, as it has become known that Daniel Craig’s next case as Benoit Blanc finally has a release date, and there is some expectation.

Netflix subscribers will have to wait for the return of the famous detective Johnson and Craig before the holidays, as “Glass Bow: The mystery of “Get Knives”” will appear on the platform on December 23. While the latest star Detective will be in film festivals starting with its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, it looks like the path to streaming is a little longer than some may have imagined.

This is also because, as is the case with some Netflix titles of such prestige, Glass Onion will have a limited theatrical release preceding this debut. However, it’s not all bad news, as a new photo has been released showing Daniel Craig and the ridiculously stacked cast for “Get Knives 2” hanging out together.

“The Glass Bow: The Riddle of “Get Knives”” (opens in a new tab) will appear in the Netflix streaming library on December 23.

That’s not all…


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