Knife attack near a church in France


At least three people died as a result of a knife attack near a church in Nice, France. It was stated that a woman was beheaded during the attack.

A knife attack was carried out near the Notre Dame church in Nice, France.

Police reported that three people were killed in the attack, many were injured and a woman among those killed was beheaded, Reuters reported.

Some local media sources wrote that one of the deceased men was killed by cutting his throat. According to the news reported by Le Figaro newspaper from police sources, one of the women who lost their lives was found in the church and the other on the road. It was stated that the third person who died was a man.

‘Attacker arrested’

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi stated on his Twitter account that the incident was considered a terrorist attack and announced that the attacker had been arrested.

In his statement to the journalists, Estrosi said that one of the dead was thought to be a church watchman, and the suspect injured in the police intervention shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Reminding the decapitation of teacher Samuel Paty, who showed the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in his lecture on freedom of expression in Paris on October 16, Estrosi said, “The methods are undoubtedly compatible with those used against the brave teacher Samuel Paty.”

It was learned that France’s counter-terrorism units will conduct research on the attack.

After the incident, a minute of silence was made for those who died in the French National Assembly. Prime Minister Jean Castex, who informed the deputies about the new Kovid-19 measures at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Assembly at the time of the attack, said, “We learned that an extremely serious attack took place in Nice. I ask you to pay a minute’s silence for the victims,” and then left the meeting to get information from the authorities. .

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It was announced that French President Emmanuel Macron was on his way to the city of Nice, where the attack took place.

In Paris, the capital of France, on October 16, the teacher Samuel Paty, who showed the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in his lesson on freedom of expression, was beheaded. The government said that after the attack, operations would be increased to combat radical Islam.

In the city of Nice, there was a terrorist act in which 30 people lost their lives during the Bastille Day celebrations in 2016. A truck that entered the crowd during the celebrations caused at least 30 deaths and more than 100 injuries.

Second knife attack in France

After Nice, news of an attack came from Avignon, France. A group of police officers on patrol were attacked with a knife by a person who has yet to be identified. It was stated that the officers neutralized the attacker.

According to the news in the local media, the attacker shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the incident, which took place around 11.15.

An investigation was initiated into the incident.

France also targeted in Saudi Arabia

On the other hand, after the attack in Avignon, France was also targeted in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian state television announced that a security guard at the French Consulate in Jeddah was attacked with a sharp object.

The suspect, determined to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia, was detained. It was stated that the security guard who was taken to the hospital was in good health.

The French consulate in Jeddah issued a statement condemning the attack.


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