KMSPico Is Stealing Cryptocurrency Wallets!


KMSPico, which many people use to crack paid software, is actually a trojan and steals cryptocurrency wallets.

Today, computer users in many parts of the world, especially Windows, use various crack and password (Product-Key) cracking software to avoid paying for paid software. KMSPico, on the other hand, is among the most popular malicious applications that have done this job in recent years.

Especially in new versions of Windows and Word, Excel, Power Point or Office applications directly, users install these applications to avoid paying fees. But many people don’t realize that the vast majority of these apps are actually trojans. Therefore, if you have this type of malware installed on your computer, your personal information may not be safe.

Your personal data is in danger!

The malicious KMSPico installer analyzed by RedCanary comes with a self-extracting file like 7-Zip. But it includes both a real KMS server emulator and Cryptbot. So you think you are actually installing password cracking software. However, other software tries to access your cryptocurrency wallet in the background, based on your personal information and especially the data that emerges.

Also, after Cryptobot infiltrates your computer, it checks the %APPDATA%\Ramson file in the folder where the system applications named Win32 or Win64 are located. It also executes a self-deletion routine if a folder exists to prevent reinfection.

How does KMSPico work?

KMSPico is circulating as software that emulates a Windows Key Management Services (KMS) server to fraudulently activate product licenses. When users install a Windows version or Office-like application on their systems, they run this application and crack their password.

In the Windows XP era, this illegal operation was actually possible by finding various KEYs on the internet. However, due to Microsoft’s increasing security measures every year, users started to turn to KMSPico and similar applications. Moreover, it has become very popular because it is very simple to use. But hackers don’t produce this type of software because of their good hearts.

Some software is built entirely on damaging and deforming companies. But those that seem user-friendly, like KMSPico, are actually the most dangerous. Because it directly targets the uploader. Some users even say that they cannot use the search part of the computer or some features in browsers like Chrome after installing and running it once. Even this proves that it is actually a trojan on its own.

If you have this software installed on your system, how can you get rid of it?
First of all, you should delete everything related to this malware from your computer. Then you should start a scan via virus scanning and protection programs or Windows Defender. However, if you have activated the password of your current software with this application, transfer your personal data and files in the system to a device securely (make sure to transfer by scanning for viruses).

Then reinstall Windows on your device. We also recommend that you format your SSD or HDD during this installation. But these may not be the cutting solution either. Therefore, at this point, you may need to contact a product consultant or professional support team.

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