KJ Apa still so in love with his darling Clara Berry?


Is KJ Apa still in love with his darling Clara Berry? The couple more in love than ever is making more statements on Instagram.

Their love is no longer to be proven. In a relationship for more than two years, Clara Berry and KJ Apa are a discreet couple, but which works.

It was in February 2020, just before confinement, that KJ Apa confirmed his relationship with Clara Berry. To do this, the Riverdale actor posted a photo of them kissing on Instagram.

The lovers have since managed to overcome estrangement due to the coronavirus pandemic and they are more in love than ever. In an interview with 20 Minutes Switzerland, the young man confided in his long-distance relationship with the model.

“My principle is simple: live happily without hiding, but also without showing off my privacy,” he told the journalist. “I’m not very active on social media for that reason,” he continued.

By revealing his relationship to the world via Instagram, KJ Apa wanted to stop Internet users from spreading gossip about him. “I see Instagram as a good way to keep in touch with my fans. Having fun, laughing with my friends … but this should not become an open forum for everything, “he said.

Very discreet about his private life, KJ Apa has been in a relationship for almost 2 years with the French model Clara Berry. The couple aren’t the type to flaunt themselves in public or on social media, so are they still in love?

KJ Apa (Riverdale) still in love with his darling Clara Berry


A few months ago there were rumors that Clara Berry and KJ Apa had separated. But in reality, the couple did not separate. Quite the contrary.

The two lovers silenced rumors of a setback. Indeed, this summer, the actor had posted beautiful daring photos of his sweetheart on Instagram.

At the end of the year, Clara Berry celebrated her 27th birthday, an anniversary that KJ Apa obviously had in mind. In his story, the actor posted a photo of the two lovers, along with a beautiful message.

” Happy Birthday my love. “He wrote in French please. This rare photo of the two lovers proves that they love each other like they did on the first day.

Currently filming in Vancouver for the needs of Riverdale, the actor is therefore far from his sweetheart. Model for major brands, the young woman lives in Paris.

Proof that their love transcends borders, KJ Apa has started to learn French for his beauty. “Right now, I’m learning a little French,” he confessed to 20 Minutes.

And to go on: “She taught me a few sentences, but my French is still very limited. But it’s not for lack of trying, ”he said. And to conclude: “I therefore believe that it would take me several months in Geneva, for example, to be able to manage”.


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