Kit Harington will play Jon Snow in the sequel to “Game of Thrones”


Kit Harington Helen Sloan/HBO

Winter is coming… again. HBO is developing a sequel to Game of Thrones about Jon Snow, and Kit Harington is in talks to return.

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As The Hollywood Reporter reported on Thursday, June 16, the network is in the early stages of producing a new spin-off.


The show will be the first sequel to Game of Thrones, which ended in May 2019 after eight seasons. The series “House of the Dragon”, which is scheduled to premiere in August, is a prequel set 300 years before the events of “Game of Thrones”.

In the original series, Jon Snow joined the Night Watch, where he rose to Lord Commander and was subsequently killed by the rebels. After Melisandre (Carys van Houten) brought him back to life, he became the King of the North, and then teamed up with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to fight the White Walkers.

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Mackall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Along the way, he discovered that his father was not Ned Stark (Sean Bean), who adopted him as an infant and pretended that John was the product of an extramarital affair. His real father was Daenerys’ late brother Rhaegar Targaryen (Wilf Skolding), and his mother was Ned’s sister, Lyanna Stark (Aisling Franciosi), and his real name was Aegon Targaryen.

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Jon Snow was Harington’s first role on television, and the popularity of the series lifted him to a level of fame that many actors have never experienced. “People are shouting at you on the street, ‘Are you dead?'” the “Eternal” star recalled in an interview with Variety in March 2019. — At the same time, you should look like this. All your neuroses—and I am as neurotic as any actor—are intensified with this level of attention.”

After the last episode of the show aired, the actor from Pompeii checked into a “wellness center” to cope with stress and alcohol abuse. He later pointed to the tense final seasons of the series as one of the reasons he decided to seek help.

Kit Harington HBO

“I had mental health issues after Thrones — and, to be honest, at the end of Thrones — and I think it was directly related to the nature of the series and what I’ve been doing for years,” Harington explained during the performance. Interview in July 2021 on the Jess Cagle show on SiriusXM. “I think after ‘Thrones’ I had a kind of break when I said: “I don’t want to work for a year. I want to really focus on myself.” I am very glad that I did it.”

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During the initial screening of the drama, the Brimstone star spoke openly about how the show’s grueling schedule and difficult filming process affected the actors. “It seems that the last season of Thrones was created to break us. Everyone was smashed at the end,” he told GQ Australia in January 2019. “I don’t know if we were crying because we were sad that it was ending, or if we were crying because it was fucking exhausting. We were deprived of sleep.”

However, Harington admitted that his last day of filming as John had hit him in a way he hadn’t expected. “On the last day of shooting, I felt great. …Then I went to do my last shots and started breathing a little faster,” he told Esquire in April 2019. “Then they called:”Wrap it up! It was an onslaught of relief and grief at not being able to do it again.”