Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) and Rose Leslie buzz the Golden Globes!


Kit Harington of Game of Thrones posed for the Golden Globes red carpet. The actor was present with his wife Rose Leslie.

Kit Harington represented Game of Thrones Sunday evening at the Golden Globes. The actor posed with his wife Rose Leslie and they were accomplices.

On Sunday December 5, many actors made an appearance at the Golden Globes in the United States. Kit Harington played for more than eight years in Game of Thrones and was there for the big party. Indeed, in 2019, fans could see the final season of the series. Thus, we could discover the end of the story of Snow and Daenerys. The actor was nominated and he was on his 31st for the evening.

Kit Harington was nominated for Best Actor in a Golden Globes Drama Series. The Game of Thrones actor posed with his wife Rose Leslie on the red carpet. For the occasion, he wore a pretty black suit with a white shirt. Rose Leslie, on the other hand, had a long green dress and they were more in love than ever.

Kit Harington stayed away from public life for several months in order to recharge his batteries. Indeed, he made a depression after the filming of season 8 of Game of Thrones. In addition, the actor had a bad time with his wife. Nevertheless, they have managed to overcome their problems and everything seems to be going well between them. On the red carpet, they held hands and smiled at each other.

Rose Leslie seemed happy to be with her husband for the evening. Fans of the Snow – Ygritte couple will be happy to see them together and as close. The two former actors of Game of Thrones are still in love and the photos should reassure everyone. Kit Harington seems to have overcome his problems and was able to pay tribute to the series one last time.


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