Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) is nicely tackled by Emilia Clarke


Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) is nicely tackled by Emilia Clarke! (VIDEO). Emilia Clarke balanced a folder on Kit Harington and her way of dancing. She can even imitate the star of Game of Thrones live!

In full broadcast Emilia Clarke tapped her Game of Throne partner Kit Harington, we did not know the actress so funny! His remark was hilarious, we explain!

Indeed, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have remained very close since the Game of Throne series. As a couple in the famous series, they created a beautiful friendship outside. Moreover both are ultra complicit, Jon snow was invited to his birthday. These reunions between two actors of the mythical series have frightened the fans delighted to see the two actors always so close.

Even though Isaac Hempstead-Wright had revealed that the Whatsapp group of members of the series were almost not used by the actors. It turns out that some still manage to stay in touch and share good times together! This is the case of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington.


No need to play in the same series to stay close. This is what proves daily Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke who spend a lot of time together. Moreover, to believe the confidences of the one who plays the role of Khaleesi, her former partner has a rather special way of dancing.

Invited in the famous talk show Jimmy Fallon, Emilia Clarke did not hesitate to chase her friend. Notably on her way of dancing to judge quite unique and special. “Kit has this dance, and he does it absolutely everywhere and it’s slightly pretentious. It’s a little … I do not know how … Crâneur is a strong word. But he calls it the dance of the shoulder and he pouted at the same time. It is very well mannered and it plays the deceivers. We could be at a rave, but he would be in a corner to do her dance, “she explained. Besides, she did not fail to imitate Kit Harington live!

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