Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) hates celebrating his birthday: find out why!


Some people don’t like to celebrate their birthday. Know that Kit Harington is one of them. It was also delivered without a filter.

Celebrate his birthday?… Very little for Kit Harington ! The English actor explained himself to W Magazine. And the reason is pretty hilarious .

Kit Harington is one of the most talented actors of his generation. The young man shone in the Game of Thrones series by playing the role Jon Snow. If fans of the saga were disappointed by the last season, the actor is now turning to other projects. In everyday life, the star is also a fulfilled man. He shares the life of Rose Leslie .

As a reminder, the actress also gave her the answer in GOT ( “You know nothing, Jon Snow” : note). The latter interpreted the savage of Ygritte! Crazy in love with each other, the lovebirds often appear together on the red carpets. But a few months ago, Kit Harington experienced a real descent into hell. The latter also spent several months in a rehab center ! Now he’s much better. You are reassured!

During an interview for W Magazine, Kit Harington indulged on his birthday! You’ll see, the actor doesn’t really like to celebrate it. “My birth day falls on December 26 and it’s always the same thing,” said the star. And to add: “My family goes down to see me but I have no attention. So I always end up being grumpy and selfish that day . ”

Little stingy in secrets, Kit Harington also said : “It’s always the same. The gifts are worse every year, I think I had a Cluedo Harry Potter last year. I am not 10 years old. I just don’t have enough attention, ” added the actor. Unsurprisingly, his revelations also caused a buzz! In a very short time, this video has also gone viral!