Kit Harington Explains Why He’s So Excited To Play a “Gnarly” Villain in Blood For Dust


Kit Harington is getting ready to play the villain.

Having played Jon Snow in the cultural phenomenon “Game of Thrones”, Kit Harington takes a step towards smaller projects and more ethically gray characters. Now the actor will play an “ugly” character in the indie action movie “Blood for Dust”, and he is very excited about it.

In Rod Blackhurst’s thriller, Harington will play the villain Ricky, a violent illegal arms dealer. The film tells the story of Ricky and his ex-boyfriend Cliff (Scoot McNairy), who reunite when Cliff needs quick money. After a failed deal, Ricky drags Cliff into a dangerous new world. We’re not used to seeing a Game of Thrones actor take on such antagonistic characters, but that’s what excites him in this role. Harington revealed why he accepted the role in THR, saying:

I’m playing a pretty rude dude. This isn’t necessarily the part I’m usually offered, and it’s quite interesting to me.

The actor explained that because of all the time he spent in the series “Games of Thrones”, he found himself gravitating towards more independent films. He said that being a father, as well as participating in a well-known show, he likes to take on projects dedicated to “interesting, strange characters” that are filmed only “a couple of months, here and there.” Harington also said he was attracted to the project because it was outside of his comfort zone. He elaborated on this idea, saying:

At the moment and for the last few years I have been trying — and this is another reason why I wanted to play this role — to take on roles that I am a little afraid to do. I think it’s fun to play the villain. I spent a lot of time playing the image of a good, honest person, trying to do the right thing, which everyone is rooting for. And maybe it’s a reaction to how long I’ve been doing it.

One of the reasons he was attracted to this role was the way the villain and the hero are combined in the film. He said they don’t chase each other and don’t get separated during the movie. The actor called his character “a kind of demon” of the main character.

This project sounds very interesting, and I can’t wait to see Harington in a darker and different role from the one we are used to seeing him in. several large franchises. So, we will see the actor in the roles in which we know and love him, as well as in these exciting smaller roles.

As for his larger projects, I think it’s safe to say that Harington will eventually reprise his role as the Black Knight in future Marvel films, especially after his thrilling post-credits scene in “The Eternals.” However, sword-wielding doesn’t end there, as the actor is also going to reprise the role of Jon Snow, the role he is best known for, in the new spin-off of Game of Thrones, which was mentioned by George R. R. Martin. like SNOW.

It’s very interesting that Harington is taking on so many different roles, from returning to large-scale franchises to smaller and scarier characters who are out of his comfort zone. “Blood for Dust” is currently in preparation for filming, and while we’re waiting for it, you can check out Harington’s other projects in the movie schedule for 2022 or review his phenomenal Game of Thrones performance with an HBO Max subscription.


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