The Kissing Booth 2 has a premiere date and official poster


Netflix is preparing for its premieres and what better than to rescue the tradition of a summer love with the best love stories.

For those who love cliches and romance movies, “The Kissing booth 2” has already a release date and it seems that “Elle” will have to decide again between the two most special guys in her life, we tell you the details.

Through a live broadcast on YouTube, part of the cast of “Booth of kisses”, led by Joey King, revealed that the summer will be full of many kisses and love, as Netflix will premiere the sequel on July 24.

The actress also revealed the movie poster using a puzzle she was building during the broadcast, some of her co-stars greeted fans, and also said that the story will convey that feeling of love to them.

About the plot, there is no official synopsis or trailer yet, but judging by the image Joy shared, apparently Noah if he will return to keep the love of “Elle”, although it seems that there will be great adventures in their relationship, Lee Flynn also appears , his best friend.

“The Kissing Stand” is based on the Wattpad story of the same name.


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