The Kisses of BTS That We Will Never Forget


The boys have given you very nice moments.

BTS has not only given the ARMY records, songs, albums, games, merch and endless messages and words of self-love, they have also given them fun and very cute moments between them like hugs, pampering … and kisses . As samples of love, accidents, jokes and as the famous aegyo or known as “fanservice”, therefore, we have for you a top 10 with the kisses that we will never forget.

Jin x RM
Although he is the eldest, Jin has a great love for the leader

The boys made a video as princes, but the one who received kisses from their companions was V.

Kookie x RM
Jungkook has stated how much he admires Namjoon and has shown it.

Jimin x RM
Jimin looked like a cute kitten …

It is one of the fandom’s favorite ships and they have given us very cute moments

J-Hope x Jungkook
The idol is always cheerful and tries to give love to everyone, like Jungkook

Jimin x Jungkook
The idol looks like a kitten when it comes to pampering his teammates …

Strengthen friendship
Taehyung and J-Hope decided to trust each other and as part of a game, they had to kiss … LOL

V spoiled
V is J-Hope’s spoiled little bear, it seems that the idol was his little brother

Disastrous hug
Jin and J-Hope hugged each other on a show, but as usual, you don’t know where to turn your face and an almost kiss happened ..


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