Kiss Booth 3: Fans Revolt With The End of The Film


Kissing Booth 3: At dawn this Wednesday (11), the third movie of the teen trilogy A Barraca do Beijo premiered on Netflix. The first two features were a hit on the streaming service, reaching the Top 10 most watched on their debut weekends.

The long-awaited outcome, however, did not please all fans. The decision of the main character Elle (played by Joey King) revolted some viewers. That’s because the protagonist decides to study video game design, a choice that includes neither her boyfriend Noah nor her best friend Lee.

Six years after their separation, Noah and Elle meet and reminisce about their past together. In the last few minutes, the characters exchange only a few glances. The open ending did not please and fans were complaining on social media. “Where are the two of you kissing at the end and having your happily ever after?????? I LIKE A NETFLIX CLICHE”, said one user.

Have you ever watched the movie? What did you think of the ending? Let us know in the comments!


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