Kirkman wanted to kill Rick to make way for Carl!


Fans of The Walking Dead are already bracing for the end of the series. Robert Kirkman had other plans for Rick and Carl.

Robert Kirkman saw his comic book The Walking Dead become a must-see series. As fans wait for the rest of Season 10, the author of the books wished for a whole different fate for Rick. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

It is not always easy to take on the role of the hero and Rick from The Walking Dead knows it. Fans of the series will have the chance to have new episodes of season 10. The ABC channel has chosen to add a few episodes in order to extend the show around zombies.

A way for fans to be able to make the most of the latest episodes of the series. Indeed, season 11 should mark the end of the successful series. So, it will be time to say goodbye to Daryl, Carol and the zombies.

Still, The Walking Dead fans hope to see Rick again one day. This character quickly became the hero of the series and has escaped the zombies as well as his enemies many times. Yet it was in Season 9 that he suddenly disappeared.

The production has every intention of making a saga around Rick. So, it will be time to find out what happened to him after being narrowly rescued by the zombies and taken away from his loved ones. Nevertheless, Robert Kirkman wanted a completely different fate for this flagship character of The Walking Dead.


Rick didn’t die in The Walking Dead, and the showrunners want to unravel the mystery of the character’s disappearance. Yet if it were up to Kirkman, Michonne’s sweetheart would have been dead for a while. In his comics, he wanted to give him a whole different destiny.

For the bestselling author, Shane should have been the real villain of the story. Thus, he would have tortured all the characters instead of Negan. “Shane would have been comic book’s first real big bad, and he would have been with the group, on the same side as them, the enemy sleeping in the tent next door,” Kirkman said.

Thus, Shane would have killed Rick and would have caused a real cataclysm. Carl would have wanted to avenge Rick and would have done anything to come after Shane. So fans could have seen many conflicts between the two characters. Nevertheless, it would also have allowed the young man to take Rick’s place as the leader.

“The focus of the book would have shifted to Carl to a certain extent, as he was too scared to tell Lori what he had seen, lest Shane kill her too,” the author says. Thus, we suspect that The Walking Dead series would also have been very different. Chandler Riggs could have been the star of the TV show and his character wouldn’t have died from a zombie bite …


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