Kirk Herbstreit reacted to the incredible college football games on Thursday night – what’s trending in the sports world today


It’s not even Saturday yet, but the first week of the 2022 college football season has already met and exceeded expectations, and Kirk Herbstreit is very happy.

On Twitter this morning, Herbstreit praised the two big Thursday night games-Backyard Brawl and the Penn State-Purdue game. He said that the high stakes and excellent results reminded everyone why this sport is so special.

“Last night at CFB 2, incredible games and atmosphere. Both with high stakes and both reach the last minutes. A quick reminder of why we all love this sport so much. the next 4 days! Happy first week to everyone!!”

Tons of people seem to agree with Herbie here. His post has gained more than 3,200 likes and 100 retweets in just a few hours.

College football games on Thursday night really matched the scores and even more. Two games that many thought might end in failure turned out to be complete madness, and both were decided in the last few minutes of the game.

In a backyard brawl between Pitt and West Virginia, a leadoff six in the final few minutes, followed by a controversial incomplete goal at the goal line, turned Pitt’s victory into an instant classic.

In the Big Ten, the big game between Purdue and Penn State also ended after several leadership changes.

The football season is back and as good as ever!


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