Kirk Herbstreit named the Most Ready College Football Player


The 2022 college football season is approaching, and for many fans, the most important part of it is that this is the first demonstration of future NFL stars.

For ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, one player stands out as the most game-ready player. During his preseason Herbie Awards, Herbstreit awarded the title of the most “professional player in this year’s class” to Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer.

Herbstreit noted that Mayer already seems like a complete set in the tight end, as he can block with the best of them and be the best receiver. He believes he will be the deciding factor in Notre Dame’s first game against Ohio State.

“You know, in today’s game, it’s rare to see a tight end that can be a tight end in the line, next to the capture becomes physical, holds the point, sort of establishes that advantage,” Herbstreit said via 247Sports. “And then you can also stretch it. You won’t see many guys with that skill set. They usually say more simply:”He’s our blocker, he’s our guy on the line. Oh, and this guy, he’s basically a receiver that’s a little bigger, so we can bend him and create a match.” With Michael Mayer, you can do both. So he’s just a rare breed. And I think they will take full advantage of it this year. And Ohio State, Week 1, better be ready to defend No. 87.”

The wider world of college football also holds Mayer in high regard. The Associated Press voted him an All-American preseason player.

In two seasons at Notre Dame, Michael Mayer had 113 receptions for 1,290 yards and nine touchdowns.

He was particularly good as a pass catcher last year, throwing 71 balls for 840 yards and making seven touchdowns.

He will probably be one of the top tight ends selected in the 2023 NFL Draft if he turns pro after this year.

Judging by Herbstreit’s comments, he will be ready for this.


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