Kirk Herbstreit Named The Biggest &Sleeper& Team in the SEC


The SEC remains the most dominant conference in college football, and almost every year there is a team from the SEC that surprises everyone with a strong season. So, who, according to Kirk Herbstreit, will be the main team of the Securities and Exchange Commission this year?

During a preview segment with Res Davis and Chris Fallica from College GameDay, Herbstreit suggested that LSU could be a team worth keeping an eye on in 2022. He believes LSU can make a lot of noise with new head coach Brian Kelly.

“Beware of poor old LSU,” Herbstreit said through Saturday in the south. “Brian Kelly was ridiculed on social media. People tend to forget that Brian Kelly can coach, and LSU never lacks athletes… I’m not saying they’ll win the SEC. I’m just saying that everyone is talking about Mississippi State, Ole Miss or Arkansas, and we know about A&M and Alabama. But in the West, be careful, Bear, you don’t like LSU, but beware of Tigers.”

Herbstreit found agreement with Fallika, who pointed out that Kelly has long had some of the best college football teams outside of Clemson and Alabama.

SEC West alone is absolutely crowded this year. Alabama and Texas A&M are expected to be the top two teams in the division again, while Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Arkansas will compete for a chance to play in the New Year’s Six game.

But LSU didn’t spend a lot of money snatching Brian Kelly from Notre Dame just to finish sixth in the division. He is a master of recruiting and constantly gets the most out of his teams.

However, the SEC is different from any other conference in college football. Some of the best coaches in the country have come and gone without even coming close to giving the schools the money they spent.

Will Brian Kelly lead to a big LSU season in 2022?


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