Kirk Herbstreit gets fried for Bad Prediction


Kirk Herbstreit’s prediction was not long in coming.

On Saturday at College GameDay, all of Herbie’s co-analysts put Ohio State or Michigan against Wisconsin in the B1G championship game. But Herbstreit believed Scott Frost’s Huskers would come out of the Big Ten West.

Having said: “I think they’ll get to Indie this year.”

After Nebraska lost the first game of week zero in the most incredible way, American football fans turned to Herbstreit on Twitter.

“I’m old enough to remember how Kirk Herbstreit chose Nebraska to participate in the Big 10 Championship Game,” Brandon Zenner of KWCH.

“[Kirk Herbstreit]: Today at Gameday chooses Nebraska to win its division. Also Kirk Herbstreit:”

“I can’t believe Kirk Herbstreit predicted Nebraska would get into the B1G Ten Championsip game this morning,” an Auburn fan exclaimed.

“[Kirk Herbstreit] realizing that his prediction about the Big Ten West is already going down the drain,” another replied.

Isn’t it too early to say that he is aging badly?


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